How to use trenbolone acetate safely

10.) At this point I gave it a gentle swirl and allowed it to settle. Your fina can sit at this state for over a years time and still be legit. The image below shows the recently swirled vial.

11.) By ensuring the oxidation of the glue (by not obeying the 1 hr rule). I was forced to pre-filter. This is where the coffee filter comes in handy. Insert a small funnel into vial 2 and insert the filter into the funnel as shown below in the pic. Don\'t pour yet, you must warm the mixture first.

12.) Warm the mixture up. Animal suggests warming in boiling water or on an electric eye. I used hot water from the sink faucet as shown below. This helped lower the viscosity of the mixture so it was easily poured.

13.) Pour the top layer into the funnel leaving the glues behind in vial.

14.) Allow the oil to drip through the filter and then pour the remaining oil/glue into the funnel and allow it to filter overnight. The next morning use rubber gloves( I used zip-loc bags over my hands) to protect your hands while wringing out the filter into the funnel.

15.) Preparation for using Version 4 ( or V4) of Animals Sterile filtering. You should have pre-filtered vial 2, sterile vial 3, sterile filter, 10cc syringe and two 18g needles. Attach one 18g needle to 10cc syringe. Remove cap from sterile vial 3 and insert the other 18g needle(you will feel the pressure equalize). You are now ready to draw and filter.

16.) Draw with the 10cc syringe.

17.) Replace the needle with the sterile filter. Insert filter into needle sticking out of sterile vial 3, and begin to filter. As Animal warns, hold on to everything securely so your fina doesn\'t go flying.
Alternate instructions: Remove the needle, place the filter on the syringe, and then place the needle on the filter. Insert needle into stopper and filter the fina into the vial. NOTE: Leave the second needle in the stopper (the one used to release the pressure in the vial). By leaving the needle in the stopper this allows for the air inside the vial to remain at atmospheric pressure, thus when you release the plunger the air inside the vial will not be pressurized and try to back fill the syringe with what was liquid was left in the filter.

18.) Repeat the draw and filter above until all fina is sterile filtered into sterile vial 3. Then take the 5cc syringe (with the 2cc of oil you have stored) and purge the sterile filter of any remaining \'good\' stuff as shown below.

You can find syringe filters, and complete fina kits like this at -- check them out. 19.) WHA-LA! There you have it. Time to go FEED YOUR CATTLE!(sorry for the blurry photo)

Hopefully this helps your beef production this year!

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How to use trenbolone acetate safely

how to use trenbolone acetate safely


how to use trenbolone acetate safelyhow to use trenbolone acetate safelyhow to use trenbolone acetate safelyhow to use trenbolone acetate safelyhow to use trenbolone acetate safely