Test prop headaches

I planned on running NPP/Prop the entire cycle. I couldn't do it man. The headaches were moderate but controllable. My gains were awesome the first 6 weeks but I decided to drop both. Running a long ester test and tren for the duration. I'm going to cut this cycle short. Planned on 12 weeks but 3 more sounds about right. I've retained a ton of water which is uncommon for short esters. I did however run dbol for 4 weeks. I am not telling you to do as I did, but I feel a whole lot better. Tren is much more powerful than NPP and I don't get the headaches now. IMHO, tren is supperior to NPP. Besides, I need to clean up this water weight, lol. I feel like i'm gonna collapse after walking a half mile, WALKING! Let me know what you decide bro. I'm running 500mg of cyp and 500mg of test e EW along with 100mg tren a eod

Test prop headaches

test prop headaches


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