What is a tren cough

Many here have had it with other oils. I posted a case study about an oil embolism in a steroid user. It makes no sense at all that tren would be more irritating. Also, someone not experiencing cough is not very valuable information. The cough does not happen every single time by any stretch of the imagination. So just because they experience no cough with test, but they do with tren, does not mean tren is causing it. Pinning frequency goes up when you use tren ace, so you are more likely to experience the cough when using a short ester. You say I don't have a lot to go on, but just read this thread. There is a lot of people here saying they've had the cough with other oils.

What is a tren cough

what is a tren cough


what is a tren coughwhat is a tren coughwhat is a tren coughwhat is a tren coughwhat is a tren cough