What is trendy

In summer 2007, completed programming for an interactive wall exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, demonstrating the construction schedule of the brand new New York Times skyscraper. My software uses an Onomy Labs Interactive Wall , a draggable plasma panel that creates the illusion of a translucent, moveable, interactive layer that overlays an image on the wall. I have created a 3D demonstration to better explain this cool exhibit . I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

Fads can also fit under the broad umbrella of “collective obsessions.” Collective obsessions have three main features in common. [12] The first, and most obvious sign, is an increase in frequency and intensity of a specific belief or behavior. [12] A fad's popularity increases in frequency and intensity pretty quickly, which is one characteristic that distinguishes it from a trend. The second is that the behavior is seen as ridiculous, irrational, or evil to the people who are not a part of the obsession. [12] Some people might see those who follow certain fads as unreasonable and irrational. To these people, the fad is ridiculous, and people's obsession of it is just as ridiculous. The third is, after it has reached a peak, it drops off abruptly and then it is followed by a counter obsession. [12] A counter obsession means that once the fad is over, if one engages in the fad they will be ridiculed. [12] A fad's popularity often decreases at a rapid rate once its novelty wears off. Some people might start to criticize the fad after, pointing out that it is no longer popular, so it must not have been "worth the hype."

What is trendy

what is trendy


what is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendy